[UHQ] New stills of Blaine Anderson from 5.15, “Bash”

No. No. NO.

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One last Psych giveaway


One last Psych giveaway

Psych-Os, how you doing? You alright after last nights series (::sobs::) finale? Well, in honor of the end of what was the best comedy on television (in our humble opinions), we’ve got one last Psych Giveaway for you of some goodies we collected at SDCC in 2013. We’ve got enough to have two winners:

Psych GiveawayWinner #1 will win -

  • A Psych the Musical Midnight Screening T-shirt
  • A pair of glow in the dark Psy…

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RECAP: Glee S5 E14 - “New New York”

RECAP: Glee S5 E14 – “New New York”

Some folks from Ohio have joined Kurt and Rachel in NYC - and in song.

Some folks from Ohio have joined Kurt and Rachel in NYC – and in song.

A new day has dawned on Gleeas their fifth season takes a serious left turn with six episodes to go (they’re scheduled for twenty instead of twenty-two this year). We’ve left Ohio behind, as New Directions were officially disbanded, Mr. Schue was headed to Vocal Addrenaline for an interview and the seniors have graduated.…

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S1 Ep16 - End of the Beginning

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S1 Ep16 – End of the Beginning


Agents of back after yet another hiatus. Thankfully we won’t be faced with another break any time soon, as the show will air every Tuesday for seven straight weeks. Considering the show still hasn’t been renewed for a second season, it’s safe to say there’s a lot riding on these next few episodes. Hopefully, this won’t be a problem if the show continues to deliver the same level of…

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Bitten S1 Ep12 — Caged

Bitten S1 Ep12 — Caged


Clay is the last member of the Bitten pack who wants to be captured by the mutts. We’ve witnessed his special brand of brutality on captured mutts, and now he’s in the mutt Santos’ hands after a botched attack on Philip and Elena’s apartment. No surprise that Santos has a few rounds of torture planned, Lethal Weaponstyle.  Santos calls Elena, who has returned to Stonehaven with Jeremy and Nick,…

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The Musketeers S01 Ep10 - Musketeers Don’t Die Easily

The Musketeers S01 Ep10 – Musketeers Don’t Die Easily


So here we are, at the end of season 1 of The Musketeers. Thank God there will be another one. Time has passed so fast, really. Even though I had my theories for the season finale, it still surprised me. For a moment I forgot about the “d’Artagnan is going to trick Milady” theory, so I really thought that Athos, Aramis, Porthos, and Treville abandoned him (my God, that made me so sad). You have…

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The Walking Dead S4 Ep16 - A

The Walking Dead S4 Ep16 – A


If you’re looking for a TL;DR, here it is: I was mildly disappointed in the season finale. Check out the analysis below to find out why.


The cold open is more jarring than intriguing; Maggie, Rick, and Glenn return to the Prison, which is still standing, Hershel is still alive, and we’re confused. SURPRISE! It’s a flashback (???), and in real-time, Rick is sitting against a broken down…

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CONTEST: Win A Pack of Veronica Mars Kickstarter Backer Goodies!

CONTEST: Win A Pack of Veronica Mars Kickstarter Backer Goodies!

Today is the day us Marshmallows have been waiting for for years, since Veronica Mars was cancelled by The CW. The day the Veronica Mars movie, the movie the Marshmallows got made, hits theatres.

Excited doesn’t begin to describe the way we’re feeling.

Veronica Mars giveawayIn honor of all that work, and finally getting a continuation of the story we all fell in love with 10 years ago, we’ve got a prize pack of…

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