Doctor Who, S8 Ep5 — Time Heist

Doctor Who, S8 Ep5 — Time Heist

There was something familiar about last week’s Doctor Whoepisode, “Listen,” but I didn’t mention it because it wasn’t that much of a big deal. Now, with 8.5, “Time Heist,” I’m getting a similar familiar feeling — and the familiarity goes back to the exact same Series 7 episode, “Hide.” With “Hide,” there was a mysterious character from the distant future who turned out to be the descendant of…

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Doctor Who, S8 Ep 1 — Deep Breath

Doctor Who, S8 Ep 1 — Deep Breath

After months of anticipation, a World Tour, and a nearly endless marathon of Doctor Who episodes, Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor debut, “Deep Breath,” has finally been broadcast to fans around the world.

dws8e1dinoIt was a big deal. Unfortunately, big, landmark Doctor Whoepisodes have a tendency to be a bit overwrought, and, as “Deep Breath” began, it looked like this one might take the cake, as the TARDIS…

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We do die, but we can return. (x)

More images from INTRUDERS series premiere, airing Saturday, August 23rd at 10/9c on bbcamerica.

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BBC America Unveils Doctor Who Takeover Week Plans

BBC America Unveils Doctor Who Takeover Week Plans

Jenna Louise Coleman and Peter Capaldi in Doctor Who

Jenna Louise Coleman and Peter Capaldi in Doctor Who

Doctor Who‘s 8th series, the first to feature 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi, premieres internationally on August 23, and, for American fans, it comes with the biggest fanfare ever for a DW season premiere this side of the Atlantic. BBC America plans Doctor Who Takeover Week starting August 18 with a Doctor Who marathon, but the event will…

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Orphan Black Renewed For a Third Season by BBC America

Orphan Black Renewed For a Third Season by BBC America

The critically acclaimed hit-television sci-fi drama Orphan Black, starring Tatiana Maslany,  has been officially renewed for a third season by BBC America. Details released today by the show’s general manager Perry Simon include the news that there will be 10 episodes in season 3, which will debut in the Spring of 2015. The previous two seasons have had 10 episodes as well, so the show runners…

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Doctor Who Returns August 23, Kicks off World Tour

Doctor Who Returns August 23, Kicks off World Tour

Series 8 of Doctor Who, starring Peter Capaldi as the much-anticipated 12th Doctor, returns to the small screen on August 23 on BBC One and BBC America.

In a 20-second teaser trailer for the episode, titled “Deep Breath,” The Doctor asks Clara “Am I a good man?”

Before the premiere, Capaldi and Jenna Coleman (Clara) will will appear…

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In the Flesh S2 Ep6

In the Flesh S2 Ep6

If In the Flesh doesn’t get a third series, there’s no justice in television. With the sixth and final episode of series 2, the story isn’t over by a long shot, and it left us hanging as the apparently-dead body of a major character was exhumed, reminding us that, in the In the Flesh universe, we have no idea when physical death begins and ends.

On the upside, at least for the fandom, series two…

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In the Flesh S2 Ep5

In the Flesh S2 Ep5

In the Flesh continues to show that it is the best show currently on television, never afraid to make viewers question its characters or allow characters to make difficult decisions.

After a very relationship and romance-focused episode last week, In the Flesh 2.5 grows ever darker (with a small ray of light), as the show eases toward the big finale of the 6 episode season (which, hopefully, will…

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In the Flesh S2 Ep4

In the Flesh S2 Ep4

In the Flesh has always been more about interpersonal relationships than zombie uprisings, dystopia, and violence. I confess, coming into Season 2, I was a little worried that the Undead Prophet storyline, and more of a focus on political extremism, both from with the ULA the Victus party, would lessen the impact of the characters and their relationships.

I needn’t have worried. In the Fleshis…

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In the Flesh S2 Ep3

In the Flesh S2 Ep3

Episode 2.3 of In the Fleshis the first one not written by creator Dominic Mitchell, and the first with a nearly self-contained sub-story. Written by Fintan Ryan and John Jackson,  2.3 is largely about PDS sufferer Freddie Preston, who has become a familiar face; he runs a window-cleaning business with Dean and appears to be the most well-adjusted and assimilated of Roarton’s partially deceased.…

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